The Life cycle of a bee 2023

The life cycle of a bee

Life cycle of beeThe life cycle of a bee- Friends, the bee is one of the most dangerous insects in the world, the more difficult it is, the more hardworking it is, it is dangerous because it has prickly skin, if it hits a person with its skin, then it feels terrible pain and it is hard working. As we all know, these bees are known for making sweet and tasty honey, for which they work hard, these bees make delicious honey by drinking the juice of different types of flowers.

You will be surprised to know that these bees Every year 150 kg of honey is produced and if we talk about their family, then they have about 20000-50000 bees in one hive, in which 500 to 600 bees are male and there is only one queen bee in this hive, which is bigger than them. I am bigger in strength and that is why all these bees rule, friends, in this hive all bees except male and queen bees are workers who obey the queen’s orders.

How a bee is born

Friends, in this process, the Life cycle of a bee male and a queen bee first meet and their meeting lasts for a few minutes, as soon as the process of their meeting is completed, after a few days, the queen bee comes to the stage of laying eggs.

It will be surprised that the queen bee lays 2000 to 3000 thousand eggs at a time, that it lays eggs in a part of the beehive, after which worker bees take care of these eggs. Friends, these eggs also have a strange story, knowing that you will be surprised. You will know that the queen bee lays two types of eggs.

The fertilizers The Life cycle of a bee

The life cycle of a bee, In this egg the queen bee and female worker bee are born.

Queen Bee The Life cycle of a bee

This queen bee is called because the reaper can douse, that is, it can lay eggs from which other bees are born.

Female worker bee

They are called worker bees because they cannot produce lee, that is, they are not able to lay eggs.

Un Fertilizer

The life cycle of a bee Male bees is born from these eggs, which are also called drones, as soon as their eggs become three days old, after that they turn into larvae, and as soon as they turn into larvae, the worker bees give them special food. Jelly starts feeding, due to which their development begins rapidly.

This special jelly is prepared in the same way as honey is made, only there is a difference in some flowers, then for about three days they feed special jelly to all the larvae, whose Later they come to know that out of these the queen bee and the workers were slow and neither the male bee will become, so as soon as it comes to know,

Then after that it feeds special jelly only to the larva that will become the queen bee, this is just because They do this because their hive is ruled by the queen bee. She goes ahead and increases the number of the family by reproducing as soon as these larvae are six days old after that these sections are closed by the mother’s layer.

After which the larvae start pupating from inside and live for about 16 days. After 2 days, the queen bee breaks the wax layer and comes out and thus the queen bee is born after about 22 days the worker bee is born and after 24 days the male bee is born, after which it remains only for a few days. They get ready to mate within days and by mating again they complete their life cycle.

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