Do you know why bees make honey

Do you know why bees make honey

Do you know why bees make honey-  Today we are going to tell you why bees make honey because they need food to eat in winter, so they collect food by making honey. When she is unable to collect food, the stored food serves as a meal for her.

Do you know that honey contains a lot of sugar, iron, amino acids, antioxidants, etc., which are antioxidants and antibacterial? A flying bee flaps its wings 11512 times in 1 minute.

so they need energy. She flaps her wings not only to fly out but also to maintain the temperature of her hive. They also do a lot of reactions inside their hives for which they need energy.

Do you know why bees make honey

How is Honey Made?

  • Bees take the juice from flowers and convert it into honey which is very sweet in taste.
  • Then it stores that honey in its hives.
  • During this process, she collects a lot of honey and starts eating it as food during the winter season when she is unable to come out.

Why do bees start eating their own honey?

Why do bees start eating their own honey, it is a simple guess that if you are stuck in some trouble and you cannot go out and you believe that you can go out What will you do when there is no shop near you, you will try to find some food in your home, so when the season comes that there are no flowers in this season, then what will she do by going outside, so she starts eating her own honey.

Is it okay for humans to take honey from bees?

If there is plenty of honey in the beehive, then humans can take some of it. Humans take some part of the honey of bees, but some animals are such that they destroy their entire hive like bears destroy bee hives. Those who work with bees know how much honey we have to take. So he takes some honey from it according to his own.

Do you know what is honey?

Honey is a substance made by bees, which bring juice from flowers from the fields to make and convert that juice into nectar through its saliva, which makes sweet honey.

  • sucrose (nectar)
  • Invertase (bee enzyme)
  • fructose + glucose (honey).

Honey never spoils, the older the honey, the better it is The quality of honey is of many types, just as the bee will go to the crop, it will bring the juice of the same type of flower.

We tell you which bees make honey

We will tell you that many types of flies are found in a hive, but not all of them make honey, there is a queen bee, which only works for reproduction, whose job is only to produce children, and in the same way, there are drones inside the hive. Those who work only with the queen bee and they do not bring honey, but some chiefs work in them, whose work is to go out and bring juice from flowers, the same bees bring juice from outside and make honey.

The worker bees bring abundant flower juice from outside for their entire family, which they distribute to their family, the way they share that juice with the family, then nectar is produced, from which honey is produced. is manufactured and the honey that is prepared is with natural sugar.

The honey that is there is very essential for the bees, because because of the honey, the bees get energy through honey to fly out or to bring nectar from outside, so they store honey inside their hive. There is such a season that in that season there is no field or any kind of nectar from outside, then the bee gets energy from honey.


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