Do you know how to remove honey and wax

do you know how to remove honey and wax

Do you know how to remove honey and wax- Friends, today we will tell you how honey is extracted, but first, let us tell you that honey is of great importance to us. Beekeeping can yield anything other than honey. Most of the honey and beeswax are produced in our country, as we know that by filtering the honey well, we can sell it in the market at a good rate, today there is a need for honey in abundance in the market.

do you know how to remove honey and wax

We will tell you some tricks to extract honey but before that, we will tell you about extracting honey. Friends, the first reason for beekeeping is that you can get honey and wax from it.

What are the things to keep in mind before extracting honey?

  • First of all, we should see the weather whether the weather is favorable for extracting honey or not.
  • We should also check whether the quantity of Honey in the boxes is sufficient or not.
  • Before extracting honey, we should also keep our body’s safety kit.
  • Where we will extract honey, we should make a tent with a mosquito net.

Do you know what are things needed before extracting honey?

  • First, there must be a honey extractor.
  • must also have a big knife.
  • Must have gloves to wear on hands.
  • Must have a mosquito net for the tent.
  • There should be a brush to remove the flies that are attached to the frame.

How to Extract Honey?

Friends, now we will tell you about the further process that we have to do to extract Honey. Now we have to see whether all the love in the box with roofs inside them is completely closed with a waxy cap or not, if it is completely closed with a waxy cap then it contains 90% honey which is ripe. happens we can remove it.

There are closed hives without mummy caps, they contain raw honey which is not worth extracting, and there are chances of getting sour or spoiling. it has a high water content. That’s why we should extract ripe honey.

The time to extract honey is right in the evening when the weather is fine and flies do not create any hindrance in extracting honey. First of all, we will go to the box inside which the bees are inside, we will take out the frame which is in that box or which we call honeycomb and we remove the number of flies on them with the help of Burash.

do you know how to remove honey and wax

And we lace it completely with flies, then we bring that love inside the mosquito net tent, after that, we will cut the wax cap of that roof with a knife from both sides so that the mouth of the roof opens and then We’ll put that hive in the honey machine.

How to collect honey from a honeycomb?

When we put the honeycomb in the honey machine, then we have to rotate that machine first of all we will start rotating that machine slowly, then we will increase its speed, by doing this the honey from those roofs will come out and collect in the bottom of the machine. goes.

The machine has a pipe at the bottom which helps the honey to flow out. they put the honey inside the bucket. Later we need many techniques to filter that honey, we can filter that honey in many ways. 50% of honey gets filtered only when we put it in the bucket because the garbage in it gets frozen at the bottom of the bucket and the wax in it comes up.

We can also purify honey by using a fine cloth, due to which the honey will come into the bucket from the cloth and garbage will collect on the cloth.

After the honey is out, we will keep our boxes in the same way as they were kept earlier, we want to tell you one more thing the method of keeping the boxes we keep is something like this, horizontal 10 in the middle of each box.

There should be a distance of 6 feet between foot and vertical, due to which the flies will not fight with each other, if they do not do this, then the flies die by fighting with each other.


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