Do you know how to earn money in beekeeping with digital marketing?

Do you know how to earn money in beekeeping with digital marketing?

Do you know how to earn money in beekeeping with digital marketing? – I will tell you how to make money from digital marketing. If you do honey business and want to take that business to a reasonable level, then you need to know digital marketing because, in today’s time, digital marketing is such a way through which we can earn a lot of money and make our business successful. You can be successful all over the world, digital marketing can show your business all over the world, due to which your product will be sold in large quantity and if there is more sale, then the income will also be very high, so come today, what is a digital marketing and how does it happen? how is it done?

First social media

First of all, you should promote your business on social media because social media is such a platform where millions of people are connected with it, if you put your business on social media and you are getting a good response from it, then it Supposes your business started running.

Social media is a platform where you can present the business you want in front of the online public, so you should first expand your business on social media, after that you will get a response and then you go towards digital marketing. Social media is also a part of digital marketing.

If you know marketing and processing yourself then

Although not everyone can do the marketing process themselves when we want to bring our business to digital marketing, then we need a lot of marketing and when we do not know, then we get marketing done by someone else or we learn from it.

There is an advantage in this, if we know marketing ourselves, then the business gets promoted quickly, if we have to get marketing done by someone else, then it takes time to get the business promoted and our money is also spent. The best way to get marketing done is that do it yourself marketing.

Do you know how to earn money in beekeeping with digital marketing?Tell you how to make honey

Honey is prepared by bees and to prepare it, we have to rear bees, that is, we have to do bee farming, in which we have to keep the bee box at a place where there are a lot of flowers and the bee box There should be more flowers in between two to three kilometers because the bees come after drinking the juice of the flowers and go to their box and vomit that juice.

Similarly, the rest of the bees keep sending this honey from one bee to another, due to this process honey is prepared and this process lasts for at least 7-8 days. With the help of its wings, it destroys that water at night. In this way, the honey that is prepared is raw honey, but after keeping it for 15-16 days, it ripens, which makes honey, and then that honey is called honey. bees are taken out of the box.

I will tell you what are the things we need for this

  • There should be an open space to keep bees where bee boxes can be kept.
  • There should be a wooden box for the bees and a net for the safety of your face.
  • Must have good quality bee boxes.
  • Must have gloves and a dustpan to protect your hands.

We can start with 10-12 boxes

Let me tell you that if you start beekeeping with 10 or 12 boxes, it will cost you at least 35000 to 40000. And from one box we get about 5 or 7 kg of honey. The normal rate of honey in the market ranges from ₹ 200 to ₹ 250. If you do the processing of your honey well, then you can get the same honey in the market from ₹ 500 to ₹ You can sell up to 700 and you will not only have 10 or 12 boxes, but if you want, you can increase these boxes later.

Where can you get training in beekeeping?

I will tell you that there are many beekeeping training centers in the country. You can take training in beekeeping by paying a nominal fee. You can get information about beekeeping training from your nearest Krishi Vigyan Kendra or if someone around you has done beekeeping, then you can also take beekeeping training from him. Supports up to 40% means will give you a subsidy on beekeeping.

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