Complete information about beekeeping

Complete information about beekeeping

Complete information about beekeeping- Come, we are going to tell you today, to raise bees, we will give complete details on how beekeeping is done and the benefit of doing it. Beekeeping is a low-cost start-up business and it is money related to unemployed and farmer people and profits are high.

Today we will learn about various points related to beekeeping.


  • what is beekeeping?
  • what are the methods of beekeeping?
  • Which is the best time and season for beekeeping?
  • how many types of bees are there
  • bees’ enemies or what they fear

Let us now give you complete details about the above list which has been made.

Complete information about beekeeping

What is beekeeping?

Beekeeping is a business done by farmers or people belonging to farmers, in this, they get mom and honey from bees, it is a cheap and good business, and it costs less, and just a little more hard work has to be done. We want to tell you that India is number four in honey production.

What are the methods of beekeeping?

Today we will tell you that beekeeping can be done in two ways.

  1. The natural way of beekeeping- This is a natural way, it has been going on for many years, in this, bees make an umbrella anywhere like on a tree or in an old house, or in a secluded place where humans cannot reach, this type of umbrella is cut by humans. Bring it and extract honey from it by squeezing it, this is the natural method, the honey found in it is impure, and costs very little in the market.
  2. Scientific beekeeping- This method is like this, there is a wooden box inside which there is a frame, and there are honeycombs in those frames, which we use to extract honey, in this the honey is separated and the eggs of the bees are separated, what is there in it? When we extract honey, neither the bees are harmed nor their children are harmed and their umbrella remains safe, so most people use the scientific method, in this the quality of honey is also very good, which has a very high market value.

Which is the best time and season for beekeeping?

For beekeeping, we should keep in mind the good time and weather, if we do not keep these two things in mind, then we may have a lot of problems in extracting honey, so let us tell you about them.

  • Good weather- The weather should be good for beekeeping and where beekeeping will be done, the land should be flat and there should be plenty of trees, plants, flowers, fruits, etc. within 1 kilometer, due to which bees can bring more honey.
  • Best time for beekeeping- The best time for beekeeping is the month of January and February, in this month the bee brings more quantity of honey, we tell you one more thing, the month of November and December is a boon for the bee, in this season the bee is in abundance. Makes honey and the queen bee also lays eggs in abundance during this time.

Complete information about beekeeping

How many types of bees are there?

Many types of bees are found for beekeeping, but not all bees are used in beekeeping. But there are four types of bees used in beekeeping.

  1. Apis mellifera
  2. Apis indica
  3. Apis Dorsala
  4. Apis florea

The best Apis mellifera bees for this business which produce a high quantity of honey and are very peaceful.

Types of bees according to work

  • Queen Bee- The queen bee only does the work of laying eggs or raising offspring, and those who lay eggs are protected by other bees.
  • Worker bees- These worker bees are found in high quantity in the hive, they have different colored stripes on their stomach, these bees also cover and it is also important in bringing honey, it is in large quantity and honey also brings a lot.
  • Male bee- The work of impregnating the queen bee is done by the male bee, it only eats inside the hive and has no other work.

Bees’ enemies or what do they fear?

Those who are afraid of bees can be many types of insects or even birds, we will tell you about which insects or birds are afraid of bees.

  • wax worm
  • dragonfly
  • Spider
  • Chamaeleon
  • Monkey
  • Bear
  • Bird

I have put some names in front of you of the insects and birds that bees are afraid of or they are afraid of them.


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